Chamber Profile Nov/Dec 2018: Meet our People

Meet Our People

We are featured in the latest edition of the Chamber Profile magazine which is the official publication of the Devon Chamber of Commerce.

Great business is built on great people, so over 2019 we will be introducing Chamber Profile readers to members of our team to give them an insight into the people behind GHQ Training. The November/ December edition starts with our Employer Engagement Officer, Jay Marriot. Check out the full article below…

From the whirlwind of professional sport, Jay Marriott is looking to bring a unique flavour to GHQ Training. As one of the South West’s longest established Training Providers, GHQ focus on matching the right Apprentices to the right Employers, as well as offering bespoke courses to local businesses.

Why the change?
I love the world of sport and that hasn’t changed, but it can mean long working hours, big travel schedules and can be very isolating in terms of spending time with family. It had put a strain on me needing to find that balance. Having given sport everything I had for 25 years, it was time to literally put family first.

Why GHQ Training?
When you leave professional sport, there can be ignorance around it being classed as a business, so the transferrable skills that I had gained I felt could be overlooked when searching for a new role. Leadership, management, programme building, community engagement, media commitments, problem solving,
public speaking, I could go on. GHQ Training blew me away with their out of the box thinking and how they understood what I could bring to the table. They stand for so many of my values; family, community and education being the main parallels. The MD, Jean Rogers and Commercial Manager, Helen Hart encouraged me to be myself and let the role build around me, allowing it to be natural and authentic.  

What is your role?
As Employer Engagement Officer, my role is to go out and build relationships with businesses across a wide variety of sectors. It’s important that both myself and our Recruitment Team understand we are not a sales team, we are an education team. We are here to bring passion, knowledge and understanding to how young talent around the region can bring value to businesses and, vice versa, how an employer could have a profound effect on that young talent and their future. The aim is to find roles that can inspire and motivate our younger generation within businesses that can mentor and support them. As well as the here and now, I am also set the task of looking at future projects for us as a company. This includes how we engage with schools, how we continue to support businesses and bring them added value, whilst also understanding how we can consistently improve the impact we have on the economy of our region.

How have you settled in?
We get scared to say the word “fun” in case we look unprofessional but I believe great business is built on great people, when your team clicks it makes that environment special. From our MD and management through to assessing teams and associates, I think we have great people. It gives me the confidence to get out and talk to as many people that will listen about all that GHQ Training can offer.

What now?
My goal is to ensure that all future projects and initiatives progress with integrity and impact. I like to create challenges and understand why we do the things we do; where we need to follow strict processes and where we can really strike out and show creativity. I like to think both within and around our company I have invoked that creative process and we can continue to show some amazing results.

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