Congratulations to ‘Lori Muldoon’, Apprentice Of The Year

Massive Congratulations to ‘Lori Muldoon’ for winning Apprentice Of The Year!! We are so proud of her!!

Lori Muldoon works at No4 Hair Boutique. Here are some of the details of her nomination:

As a salon we strive to achieve the highest of standards we can, Lori is gaining skills and knowledge from some of the best hairdressers in the city. We have a special agreement with our training provider that our apprentices go to college one day a week for 6 months completing their theory work and exams and then they spend the rest of the time salon based where they have concentrate on their practical work, we have an in house assessor guiding and helping them complete their NVQ to the highest of standards.

Lori has been with us for 2&1/2 years and in that time won hair competitions, helped with photoshoots, fashion shows and training. She has been head apprentice for 2yrs now, managing people older and younger than her. She finished her NVQ2 and is now half way through her NVQ3, she won No4 apprentice of the year last year where every stylist (17 of them) voted for her. She is now building her own clientele and in the last 6 months managed to gain a sizeable core client base.

It’s hard to put into a few words why she deserves this, but Lori is one of the most switched on, driven and talented young girls I have ever met. She is extremely creative and has a natural flare for her chosen career but that’s just a very small part of her character. She is our go to girl in the salon, for anything IT based or if you just need to get a job done. Having one Lori in the salon is like having two of any other apprentice. She is a ray of sunshine with a beautiful smile and a helping hand for stylists, clients and anyone who might need it, no job is ever too much trouble and always the first to ask to help.

As head apprentice we always know that when she’s about everyone is organised and anything that needs to get done is done. She thinks outside of the box and instead of complaining about things will come up with solutions instead. Lori is just a credit to herself and family, all 25 of my staff love her and trust her with any job or situation within the salon from looking after their clients to cashing up at the end of the day.

Lori will go far in anything that she does, we are just very lucky she had chosen to do hairdressing and with us, I would love her to get the recognition she deserves for truly being a hardworking, beautiful young lady.

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