An Introduction to Digital Marketing for Small Business

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Course: An Introduction to Digital Marketing for Small Business

Date: TBC

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  • Overview

    This workshop will give you an understanding of what Digital Marketing is and how you can use it to engage more effectively on-line with prospective clients. This practical, hand-on workshop will look at different types of media and include some simple hints and tips to make your digital marketing more interesting and make more of an impact.

    Course Structure

    Social media

    • What is social media and how it can benefit your business?
    • What social network should you use?
    • Tips for creating content for each social network.
    • How to schedule content on social media.
    • Tips for creating the best social media page.

    Email lists

    • How to (responsibly) build an email list.
    • How to manage an email list.
    • How to use an email list effectively and efficiently.

    How to build an awesome website

    • What is a domain name, why do I need one and where can I buy it?
    • What is website hosting, why do I need it and where can I buy it?
    • What do I need to include in my website?
    • What can I use to build my own website?
    • Or should I be outsourcing the website?

    2 FREE tools to make your digital marketing stand out from the crowd

    • Canva – Make amazing graphics online.
    • Pexels, Unsplash and more – Stock photography that isn’t corny and overused.


    • ESF (European Social Fund) Funded course for people who work in the business industry and want to develop their skills. This is subject to availability and eligibility.
    • This one day course can be privately at a cost of £150 per person (incl VAT)
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