National Apprenticeship Week; Aspire Project Launch

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Aspire Project Launch

Nationally it has become prevalent that there are increasing skills gaps within society and particular sectors. The government have been trying to combat this by utilising their ‘Fire It Up’ Campaign to raise employer awareness around Apprenticeships and challenge some of the outlying stigma surrounding the Apprenticeship route.

The Aspire Project brings this down to a local platform as two opposing training providers have joined in collaboration to form the Aspire Project. The Focus Training Group and GHQ recently untied to form this unique partnership which aims to bring awareness and support to schools, employers and students around Apprenticeships.

Throughout their events students have an opportunity to connect and network with industry relatable employers to understand what they want from employees and actualise if an apprenticeship is right for them. This opportunity is also strengthened as previous students that have embarked on an apprenticeship give students the chance to ask questions in an open forum and gain valuable insight.

The Aspire Project launched its Opening Event on the 7th March at The Future Inn, Plymouth which was during National Apprenticeship Week. It was a resounding success with schools attending including a presence from Building Plymouth and multiple employers. The event saw talks from employers around Apprenticeships, the values that apprentices add to their business as well was identifying if an apprenticeship could be the right foundation for their career journey.

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